Richard Kasperowski


Richard Kasperowski is the Co-founder and CTO of Alli Connect, a platform that applies AI to develop effective predictive mental healthcare interventions. As an experienced teacher, keynote speaker, and author, Richard is dedicated to the art of team building and fostering high-performance teams. He has authored two insightful books: High-Performance Teams: The Foundations and The Core Protocols: A Guide to Greatness.

At Alli Connect, Richard leverages cutting-edge technology and AI to simplify access to mental health care. He develops intelligent matching and user-friendly digital tools that help individuals find the care they need. Trusted by employers and health plans, Richard's work transforms lives and drives business success. His innovative approach to mental health care eliminates the guesswork involved in getting help, making mental health care more accessible and efficient. The platform also provides robust reporting, creating visibility into utilization, outcomes data, and provider effectiveness. His leadership and technological expertise have been instrumental in making Alli Connect a recognized platform for connecting people to the mental health services they need and deserve.

In addition to his work at Alli Connect, Richard designed and teaches the Agile Software Development course at Harvard University, sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm for Agile principles with aspiring professionals. His application of Agile methodologies and the Core Protocols guides his team at Alli Connect in creating a meaningful product that positively impacts users.

Anupam Preet Kaur

Teaching Assistant

Anu is an engineer turned full time Agile Specialist who loves seeing more and more teams adopting and reaping the benefits of agile methodologies and is always eager to lend them a helping hand!

 She has worked at companies of varying magnitudes and with teams of different sizes and compositions over the course of her career spanning nearly 12 years across multiple geographies. She has had the unique opportunity of seeing teams and entire companies transforming the way they perform and deliver using agile - at varying scales. All this has reinforced her belief in the doctrine of Agile and she has subsequently dedicated herself to being a full time Agile professional. In various capacities as Scrum Master and Agile Coach, she enables professionals to adopting the Agile philosophy and guides them into being a more cohesive and efficient team—one sprint at a time.  

Outside of her professional engagement, she loves spending time with animals, hitting the trails to be closer with nature and has recently discovered sketching patterns and the joys it brings her.